New Deal 30th Anniversary is prebooking April with release September 2019

Today we go back in time and relaunch the New Deal to celebrate the up and coming 30 year anniversary, the goal is to celebrate the history of the brand and talk about those special times. What a good time to tell the story of how New Deal started!


Most of us rode for Paul’s company Schmitt Stix (Schmitt was with Vision). Pauls relationship with Brad Dorfman was strained. Paul had a secret wood shop that only Andy and myself knew about.

At ASR 1989, Bob Denike from NHS said to me “When you guys are ready to move, we are”. I nodded then RAN to Paul, I was buzzing. I said excitedly “NHS will back us, if we leave”. Paul responded that I have known that and so will Rocco… I sunk… but to me there was no doubt in my mind. We were going to leave.

A few weeks later, England Fall 1989 I met 2 guys, Ray and Gary with a shop where I grew up by the Harrow Skatepark (Ed T Welcome to Hell cover, Mike Frazier TWS cover Frontside Blunt in the old crusty Halfpipe). The shop was called New Deal Skates (I am wearing the sweatshirt and t-shirt in the start of the 15 minute promo). Being involved with Vision we certainly needed a New Deal…. the name was perfect.

I believe it was February 1990 when the news hit that Chris Miller quit. Andy had already been speaking with him and Chris’ news was icing on the cake, it was time to move. I then spokeĀ  to the Schmitt Stix team with a plan for a new company, Paul was in Germany at the ISPO show (he knew Chris was leaving before he left and did not tell anyone).

At the NSA Contest in Del Mar after my contest rides (in the 15 min promo video) Paul arrived back from Germany, he said ‘nice runs’ and I said ‘we have to talk’. We went to Dennys, I told Paul the plan and he agreed, that is where New Deal started, in Dennys Del Mar February 1990. Andy drew the logo the next day in the hotel with as I recall a crowded team whilst Paul checked on the name with the trademark lawyer but that’s another story…..

Please follow the stories and celebration of a company that started it for not only me but so many of the team and global skaters that became skateboard distributors and many are still going today.

Steve Douglas




Ready to time travel back to 1990? Ripped directly from the vaults, the 1990 Retrospective Montage features some of our favorite clips from the first few years of New Deal skateboards. Edit: Soc Leal / Music: The Odd Numbers